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I bake mostly cookies, quick breads, muffins and scones -- sometimes pie, sometimes cake, but nothing too fancy. I prefer simple recipes that call for ingredients that I already have in my kitchen.

These are the recipes I will share with you. They come from family and friends, magazine clippings saved through the years, favorite cookbooks, and other blogs.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Cookies

I found this recipe on Crumbs and Chaos, a  really fun and nice looking blog with a lot of great recipes you will want to try. Check  it out!

Brownie Oatmeal Cookies

1 (8 oz) block of cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 (12 oz) bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted
1-1/2 cups flour
1-1/2 tsp baking soda
3 cups oats (Old Fashion or Quick; I use both)
1 cup walnuts, chopped (optional but they are really good in there!)

This dough needs to spend an hour in the fridge so don't preheat the oven until you are ready to bake them. Just so you know!

In a large bowl, beat cream cheese and butter until smooth.  Add sugars and beat until creamy.  Add eggs and vanilla; beat well to combine.

In a small bowl, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave, 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between.  Add to creamed mixture.

Add flour and baking soda; mix well.  Stir in oatmeal and nuts.  Cover and chill for at least an hour.

Preheat oven to 350-F.  Shape dough into 1-inch balls, place on cookie sheet about 3 inches apart.  Bake 8-10 minutes or until cookies are almost set.  Don't over-bake!

Cool on cookie sheet for a couple of minutes then remove to a wire rack to cool. Store in airtight container.

Happy Baking!


  1. Sounds delicious! And oatmeal is a breakfast food, doesn't matter if it in cookie form :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds good, I'll have to try them soon

  3. I am definitely making this cookie....

  4. Thank you so much for visiting Concetta's Cafe and leaving your lovely comments! I am following your wonderful blog now too! I am also putting you on my sidebar because your recipes sound so yummy and I don'want to miss anything! I am looking forward to exploring!
    Have a great day new friend!

  5. Hello Michael Ann. I think I am visiting The Big Green Bowl for the first time. I am not much of a baker but I need to do it more for lunch snacks and avoiding store bought everything. The simpler the recipe the better for me. This one is a keeper and I see several others that look intriguing.

  6. These look really awesome-I'm sure I'll be trying them out this week!


  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my site! Glad that you like it. These cookies sound delicious! Brownies, and Oatmeal together in a cookie, yum! Congrats on the award you received as well!

  8. Michael Ann, Love this site. I think these cookies will be perfect when I'm asked to bring dessert. Sounds yummy. Cookies are my speed being so busy. So happy you stopped to see my Cheat-Sheet. I left you a comment.


  9. Hi Michael
    I believe I have all the ingredients at home. Will drive directly home and start baking! :)

  10. They look good--might even bake a batch for the freezer. But how many does the recipe make? Need to know to figure the nutrition.

  11. These sound delicious and I will be trying them soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Let me know how you like the fudge if you get to try the recipe.

  12. Brownie and oatmeal...what could be better than that? I may have to make a trip to the store and give my family a treat! Thanks!

  13. What a great idea! You combined two of my favorites: brownies and oatmeal cookies. Sounds delicious!

  14. I am SO making these for school lunches (and a few for my pockets too!).

  15. These sound absolutely wonderful Michael Ann. What could be better than cookies you can grab for breakfast! I love foods that are multipurpose like muffins and breads and I also have a breadpudding recipe like that. Keep them coming Michael Ann!

  16. I am so thrilled to have found your blog - I love to bake and new recipes!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am now a GFC follower. Looking forward to reading more.


  17. Thank you for all the wonderful comments! Sue Ann, it made quite a few and I forgot to count! I am definitely going to make these again so will let you know next time.

  18. These sound simply delightful! Can't wait to try them.

  19. Yum! These look delicious and like a good way to get some fiber into my picky toddler.

  20. These sound awesome! I'd love for you to share them (or any of your other yummy desserts) at my new linky party: Crazy Sweet Tuesdays. :)

  21. Michael Ann, any cookie made with oatmeal counts as breakfast in my book. Add a class of milk and you have some protein. There you go. I wish I could make cookies more often, but I'm in a house full of people who can take or leave sweets, so I end up eating all the cake/cookies/etc. myself. Not a good idea.

  22. Mmmm....these cookies sound delicious! Brownies and oatmeal cookies in one? Yes please! :)

  23. Great combo of brownies and oatmeal cookies. Sounds like breakfast to me!

  24. YUM!!! I will DEFINITELY have to add this recipe to my collection! 2 things I LOVE in one cookie!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from VB members to remember.

  25. Ok, I could so see myself gobbling these up for breakfast or on my way out the door for an early morning run! I love chocolate. I love oatmeal. I love brownies! I have to try this recipe for sure!! :)


  26. Every time I visit I find another recipe I MUST try. Beings that I am such a huge brownie addict, these will be right up my alley =)

    The sugar cookies I made from your recipe were amazing and I'm sure these will be too!


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