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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RIP Big Green Bowl

Dear friends,

I wasn't going to tell you all this. I thought perhaps it would be best to spare you the grief, but I couldn't keep the truth hidden any longer.

No, my blog is not going away. But my big green bowl did. Yes friends, this morning I had a little accident and my green bowl is no more. I knocked it off its shelf and it broke into little pieces all over my kitchen floor.

No, I did not cry, but I felt like it.

It's all my fault. You see, I had just been telling a friend the other day, "I don't know what I'd do if I broke my big green bowl." I knew as soon as I spoke those words, it would happen. See? This is a lesson to all of us. Do NOT put those kinds of thoughts out into the universe. Those messages take hold and boom, the reality of it will happen. I'm telling you, I believe that with my whole heart. You don't fool with stuff like that.

And now....well, I am living with the consequences. I have been in a funk all morning over this. Yes, I have another bowl I can bake with but it's not the same.

I bought my big green bowl at a drugstore, of all places. I got a set of three nesting bowls all for $10!! I know! My favorite color of green, my favorite style of Bauer look-alike bowls. I have not seen any like them since. It's been a long time so I don't think I'll see them for sale anywhere else. They were not marked on the bottom so I don't even know who manufactured them. The middle sized bowl survived but that is small comfort.

Dear friends, if you happen to see any bowls like this one in a store near you, will you please let me know? I would love to replace this one with exactly the same kind. I know it's a long shot but I can hope. Now THAT is an intention I will put out into the universe!

Goodbye my big green bowl. I shall miss you. Baking won't be the same without you, but your memory will live on here in this blog.

Big Green Bowl


  1. RIP, Big Green Bowl
    My elbow your death did dane.
    RIP, Big Green Bowl
    In broke-dish heaven may you reign.
    -Lorraine :-(

  2. I'm so sorry about your loss, I'll be on the look-out on my shopping trips! I have a big yellow bowl that was my Mother's and I'm very fond of it, know how you can get attached to those kitchen tools you use all the time.

  3. I hate to sound like a prophet, but didn't I just tell you this the other day? Mojo works in mysterious ways...

    RIP BGB...

  4. Oh dear. I'm so sorry for your loss. Not having the perfect bowl for baking can really cramp your style. I'm glad your blog will continue to honor your beautiful big green bowl!

  5. That's so sad! I will be on the look out for that same bowl.

  6. Ah, darn. So sorry. I have nesting green bowls, same color, but missing that very cool set of cantilever-like ridges.. bought locally (probably Macy's or Williams-Sonoma). They're so classic... hope you can find something exact or close!

    I jinxed Peter's at bat recently by announcing, mostly under my breath, but audibly, that he'd not struck out in the last 8-10 games. He proceeded to strike out 4x in a row. Everyone said I was to blame.

    I, of course, think it was pure coincidence.

    Still... I hope you are wrong about the karma of thinking negative thoughts. I am so going to hell if that's true.

  7. Oh thank you my friends! Your condolences are much appreciated.

    Well,I have some good news. My uncle, the expert researcher, did some sleuthing and found a set of 5 bowls on Chef.com, and the largest one is EXACTLY the same as my dearly departed bowl!!! The other colors are so not my style, but that is ok, I ordered them just for the big green one. Will let you all know if it truly matches, when I receive it!

  8. AWWWW....you have my sympathy. I know how you must be feeling. A woman departing with kitchen equipment, I'm surprised you are still functioning. It's good to know that it is being replaced quickly. Way to go Uncle!!

  9. So sorry to hear about The Big Green Bowl and so glad to hear about your excellent uncle researcher, that's awesome!

    Looking forward to seeing some yummy recipies for Fall!

  10. I'm going to check out Chef's; maybe I need a big green bowl of my own. Fingers crossed for a match for you...gads, it sounds like you're looking for an organ donor! :)

  11. I am so sorry! I can relate to this...a few years ago my Grandmother broke her favorite drinking glass and was HEARBROKEN over it. She says a drink has yet to taste the same. Hopefully you can find an equal replacement.

  12. Don't worry about the thoughts that you put out into the universe through the spoken word, it's already out there. In reality, the photographing of the bowl for the blog is what stole it's spirit.

  13. Oh my heart sunk when I read your post...HOOOOW sad that your bowl was broken. =( I emphathize with your pain, but am tickled to know your dear uncle went hunting and found another. Hallelujah!

  14. Oh, I'm so sorry! I totally know how you feel too. It's the little things that truly mean so much and cannot be replaced. Glad you were able to find something to help ease the pain.

  15. Gosh, I hope the replacement bowl works for you! I'm sorry you broke the other, though. Maybe the universe wanted you to have a shiny new one! :)

  16. OMG Michael Ann! I SAW when you made that comment, it was either in the group or on FB and it made me think then too! I can't believe it happened. I hope you find a replacement, maybe on amazon or ebay?
    Sorry the bottom of the post withpic and with the dates made me laugh.

  17. Happy to hear that a new bowl is on its way...Cooking will not be same until it arrives. Good Luck with the new, sorry that you lost the old one...I dropped a casserole dish once and cried but I got it replaced........andi

  18. Michael Ann, I'm sorry your green bowl broke. Here's to you finding one that's just as nice! :)

  19. Oooh, that hurts! I borke my favorite knife in a pumpkin carving incident, and the ones people have bought me to replace it are just not cutting it (ooh, that was bad)!

  20. I hate losing something that i love and adore...I am even attached to my measuring spoons.. new ones just aren't the same. RIP :(


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